How to Protect Your Pipes

If rerouting the vulnerable pipes and insulating the area is out of the question here are some alternatives to migitate the problem of frozen and busting pipes:

Install Foam Pipe Insulation

Tools Needed:

Pipe insulation is, fortunately, not hard to install and not particularly expensive. Foam pipe insulation can be purchased by the foot at a plumbing supply company, hardware store or home improvement stores.

Measure the length of both hot and cold water pipes and purchase enough foam pipe insulation strips or wrapping to completely cover them. The thicker the insulation the more protection it will give. You’ll also need to cover the pipes from the place they enter the house from the source and don’t forget about the joints and cut off valve areas. Foam pipe insulation usually comes with a slit along one side so it is easy to cut to length and install. The wrapping style of insulation may be more cumbersome to apply but will work better around the joints and angles of the plumbing. A combination of the two styles is probably the perfect way to go. Outside faucet covers can be also be purchased to protect those vulnerable faucets.

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